T2F is a multidisciplinary studio consisting of a network of expert professionals.
The set of different skills and expertise matured over the years enables to provide integrated solutions from the design and economic point of view.
A creative and scientific approach that co-exist from the very beginning, within turnkey projects, optimizing the relationship between resources and results.


Providing consultancy services: projects & construction management, architectural design, structural, plant engineering, and interior design in the real estate sector for the realization of exclusive designs, with a strong specialization in the tourism and hospitality sector and an excellent know-how in the field of finishes, furnishings and equipments (FF&E).


  • Skills acquired through a longstanding presence in the work sector.
  • Ability to interpret an architectural projects in terms of economical optimization and in relation to the client's needs.
  • A combination of managerial culture with the spirit of "to do".


The architectural design is not just searching for a normal and functional balance of mass and volumes, but also a process aimed at achievement harmony between functional and aesthetic needs and available resources.
The expertise and experience draw the guidelines necessary to obtain the best possible result in compliance with the budget and within an integrated design that is the prerequisite for quality of life and living.

  • A combination of functionality, harmony and beauty of space and volume.
  • Rationalization of costs.
  • Competence in constructive techniques.
  • Integrated projects of system/structures/living space.


The interior design involves not only the choice of materials, colors and shapes, but also the sphere of emotions.
Living in an environment signifies constantly receiving signals, conceived and communicated by the designer and perceived as positive goads.
The different ways of living are from time to time suggested, facilitated or amplified, in a continuous dialogue between technique and feelings which is the essence of interior design.
From an economic standpoint, assessing the impact of interior design on the overall project from the outset signifies to avoid renouncing due to the underestimation of the theme.
In fact, interior design is a voice that T2F STUDIO considers essential.
Thanks to its experience, T2F STUDIO is able to offer the best solutions in relation to the final result and budget, optimizing the available resources.

  • FF&E concept and design, accessories and furnishings.
  • Cost optimization even in the design phase.
  • Thorough knowledge of materials and construction techniques.
  • Supervision and coordination of the “turnkey” product.


The PROJECT MANAGEMENT is a science, declined into methods, technologies, processes and organizational roles, which allow to obtain its goals quickly and effectively, minimizing time, the risks and costs of the project activities.
This raises the fundamental objective of “engineering” the architectural plans for the definition of “macro solutions”, more efficient designs in order to ensure the feasibility of the interventions in appropriately planned time to the best possible market prices, subject to the types and quality of the work projects identified by the client and its designers.
T2F STUDIO’s expertise is in moving with designs integrated with the organization of multidisciplinary working groups, aimed and finalized at achieving necessary levels of design in a timely manner, functional to the most appropriate type of contract, thus ensuring the optimization of the available economic resources.
An approach that ensured to obtain budget reductions allocated in the order of 10/15 % in all T2F STUDIO completed interventions.

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies.
  • Engineering of architectural projects.
  • Management and administrative processes.
  • Coordination of designs.
  • Definition of budget costs.
  • Technical and economical verifications of the designs.
  • Definition and verification of design time.
  • Drafting of metric and estimative metric calculations.
  • Drafting of performance specifications.


T2F STUDIO adopts coded and tested standards of the most reliable technique for tenders to draft contractual attachments such as: description of the works, metric calculations, price lists, work programs, testing time, etc.
Thanks to this method T2F STUDIO identify the most cost effective solutions for the Client, even during the collection of bids, beyond the simple reasons of price and timing, but always keeping in consideration the quality of the final product.
The team of T2F STUDIO technicians ensures the highest competence and professionalism on, not only the best knowledge of the market for the definition of tender documents, but even the best management techniques during the tender phase.
The drafting of the Tender Contract as a fundamental and resumptive part of the control action of the contract, with the use of formats, developed and tested with success in dozens of Tender Contracts.
Constant updating in standards, compliance with budgets and speed up of delivery times, prove the effectiveness of the results obtained thus far by T2F STUDIO.

  • Tenders, procurement procedures.
  • Contracts.
  • Verification of production time and integration into the general time schedule.


T2F STUDIO operates exclusively in the presence of standards certainty, accurate planning and scheduling of the various construction phases through the use of modern methodologies: drafting time programs on different levels of detail and/or aggregation, judiciously monitoring all the activities of project execution both in terms of quality and progress, ensuring performance and quality of the fixed costs with the correct and full implementation of the contractual agreements previously established by the parties, the preparation of construction site equipment and samples provided by businesses, allowing the traceability of the production process through the verbalization of weekly technical meetings.
The philosophy behind the 100% success of the time goals set by clients to T2F STUDIO consists in considering the construction site exclusively as the execution phase of decision-making processes entirely fulfilled and initiated with the signing of the contract, while rapidly intervening in the technical-economic management of any variants.
T2F STUDIO constantly monitors the flow of costs during construction through a management that consists of handling the unforeseen and avoiding exceeding the set budget.

  • Control and assistance to the Director of Works appointed by the client.
  • Preparation and monitoring of the work time schedule.
  • Management of ongoing work contracts.
  • Verification and approval of the W.P.S.
  • Executive management and coordination of the construction site.
  • Management of variations.
  • Accurate and timely check at work completion of the quality and completeness of each work and system, in cross-examination with the contractors.
  • Verification and approval of operating and maintenance manuals of the installations and relative “as-built” designs (and/or diagrams), prepared by the executing company and delivered to the designated Director of Works.


STUDIO T2F presents itself as key player in the FF&E sector for its ability to offer global assistance to the finishes and ranging from the technical identification of products to budgeting & reporting.

  • Assistance in the defining of the product data sheets and designed solutions (project support).
  • Definition of the philosophy of contract.
  • Preparation of budget estimates.
  • Preparation of special and performance specifications.
  • Planning and respect of execution time in harmony with the general time schedule.
  • On-site collaboration with interior designers, also commissioned by the client for the best “engineering” of the product.
  • Executive management/coordination of the construction site for the finishing.
  • Technical and economic/financial reporting.


Study of the economic feasibility of the intervention and preparation of the initial budget.
Integrated architectural and interior design aimed at obtaining the best technical/project result within the allocated budget.
Identification of products and materials as required by the project at the best price (optimization of the Budget).
Selecting appropriate companies and suppliers according to the type of project (vendor list).
Compilation of bids divided into macro groups and subsequent parameterization.
Client assistance during the analysis phase of contract offers, negotiations and awards.

Selection of the suppliers for the project (with the client’s participation and approval) and registration management (real-time availability of the client).
Examination of executive projects, specifications and tender documents (prepared by the designers) in terms of completeness and consistency.
“Engineering”, in collaboration with the designers, FF&E products, with eventual integrations to the constructive designs and samples prepared by contractors.
Control and approval, in collaboration with the designers, constructive designs and samples prepared by contractors.
Examination and approval of the work schedules prepared by the contractors and subsequent harmonization with the general time schedule.

Control of deliveries and delivery schedules of all project materials.
A study of the variants ,performed together with the suppliers, with possible alternatives that would not raise the initial budget.
Technical supervision on the construction site of the execution of the construction and plant installation works.
Control of work progress in respect to the work schedule.

Accurate and timely control at work completion of the quality and completeness of each work and installation, in cross-examination with the contractors.
Verification and approval of operating and maintenance manuals of the installations and relative “as-built” designs (and/or diagrams), prepared by the executing company and delivered to the official Director of Works.
Closing of the works with relative handing over.